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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

What is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are gadgets used to give oxygen treatment to patients needing more oxygen than what is accessible in surrounding air. These gadgets work by sifting the oxygen from the air to give supplemental oxygen depending on the situation. Convenient oxygen concentrators are more modest and lighter than home oxygen concentrators and are intended to be effectively conveyed while in a hurry. Compact oxygen concentrators can be connected to an air conditioner outlet at home, in a DC outlet in the vehicle, or string free with a battery. The POCs that we convey are all FAA-endorsed for use on planes.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator FAQs

What Are The Advantages of A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Portable oxygen concentrators are nearly less hazardous than conventional oxygen concentrators as they definitely approve of bursting. Besides, versatile oxygen concentrators give a steady progression of oxygen and don’t expect you to supplant an oxygen tank. Ultimately, the expanded versatility on the grounds that the patient can get oxygen without hefting around a tank.

Movability, lightweight, and simple to utilize, convenient oxygen concentrators are rapidly supplanting the dated oxygen tank models. Also, as they keep on decreasing and more modest, they are acquiring and greater ubiquity.

What Are The Portable Oxygen Concentrator Delivery Mechanisms?

Convenient oxygen concentrators offer two kinds of oxygen conveyance instruments: Heartbeat portion and Ceaseless stream.

Beat Portion:

Beat portion settings convey oxygen just when the patient breathes in and stops when the patient breathes out. This considers less exertion on your versatile oxygen concentrator, subsequently decreasing battery utilization contrasted with the nonstop stream mode. This heartbeat portion choice isn’t accessible in home oxygen concentrators yet is accessible in all versatile O2 concentrators. More modest POCs (under 6 lbs. in weight) will quite often be beat portion as it were. Note: Your solution should express your heartbeat portion setting

Ceaseless Stream:

conveys a steady pace of oxygen paying little heed to inward breath or exhalation. POCs can be connected to PAP machines in this mode. Since oxygen is persistently streaming, the POC utilizes more battery power. Since compact O2 concentrators equipped for ceaseless stream might be greater, they will quite often take into account higher oxygen requests. Note: Not all POCs have nonstop mode.

How Long Does The Portable Oxygen Concentrator Last?

Most of oxygen concentrators are made while remembering sturdiness as these machines will generally convey oxygen treatment during season of voyaging or achieving everyday exercises. A convenient oxygen concentrator ordinarily goes on around 5-7 years.

What To Consider While Picking a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

There are five vital elements to picking the right versatile oxygen concentrator:


Your solution will decide if you want a heartbeat portion or nonstop stream mode.


Beat portion just machines will generally be lighter while consistent stream machines are heavier however consider more prominent oxygen interest.

Battery length:

Higher recommended beat portion or ceaseless stream settings will deplete the battery speedier.

Battery choices:

To travel and remain dynamic, think about additional batteries or broadened battery choices.

Portability frill:

Some versatile oxygen concentrators have knapsack or travel truck choices for added portability.

It is feasible to recover your life and freedom with a lightweight, simple to-utilize versatile oxygen concentrator. Assuming you are uncertain which item best addresses your issues, our group can respond to questions and assist with strolling you through your choices.

How To Choose a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

It very well might be hard for patients that require oxygen treatment to know which compact oxygen concentrator is better and where to buy one. Oxygen concentrators, with a scope of various highlights and gadgets, come in a few distinct shapes and sizes. A few units can suit you better than others, in view of your medicine, specific necessities, way of life, and your primary care physician’s suggestions. Today, there are numerous incredible brands and styles available, however it’s vital to pick a vender online that conveys exceptional client care and phenomenal estimating, so you can be guaranteed that you’re getting exactly what you really want.

Why Buy A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

An ever increasing number of individuals need to go portable for their oxygen treatment due to the adaptability and opportunity that these units will offer. The most recent advancements that anyone could hope to find in versatile oxygen concentrators can make your life quite a lot more agreeable and support your certainty during your ordinary exercises. Compact oxygen concentrators, without the bother of ordinary oxygen tanks, convey an endless stockpile of oxygen.

What Is The Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Philips Respironics, Inogen One, and Caire are remembered for the numerous legitimate, exceptionally esteemed brands you could appreciate. Our huge assortment of convenient oxygen concentrators available to be purchased makes certain to fulfill your requirements. We offer the most famous, reduced, lightweight units that are great for an in a hurry way of life. With every one of the frill you really want, in addition to brilliant guarantees and client care, The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has made it more helpful to purchase a versatile oxygen concentrator on the web.

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