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Home Oxygen Concentrators

What Is A Home Oxygen Concentrator?

Home oxygen concentrators are for fixed oxygen treatment at home and need power from a wall attachment. Oxygen from encompassing air is sifted by these gadgets and supplemental oxygen is given to the patient. They give a peaceful, dependable stockpile of clinical grade oxygen for patients experiencing COPD or other ongoing lung problems in their homes. On the off chance that you have been told to begin your oxygen treatment, a home oxygen concentrator might be ideal for you. The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has many models ready to move.

How To Choose a Home Oxygen Concentrator

Contingent upon the condition being dealt with, a scope of oxygen stream rates can be recommended. A remedy can really depend on 10 LPM (liters each moment). In different cases, a lower stream of oxygen might be sufficient. How much oxygen you require will be shown on your primary care physician’s medicine.

The greater part of the fixed home oxygen concentrators we convey come furnished with wheels, permitting patients to move the oxygen concentrator effectively starting with one room then onto the next.

With so many home oxygen concentrator brands and models accessible, it’s ideal to begin the purchasing system for a home oxygen concentrator by ensuring that your requirements are satisfied by the concentrator.

Easy to Use Home Oxygen Concentrators

You will need a home oxygen concentrator that is not difficult to utilize. Search for plans that include a control board that is basic and straightforward. While utilizing at home, energy utilization and calm execution are likewise significant qualities.

Respiratory Therapist Tips: Considerations for Picking the Right Home Oxygen Concentrator

Liter Stream: Your remedy will direct your liter stream, which is a critical figure deciding the right machine for you.

Weight: While weight is significant, remember that most O2 home concentrators accompany wheels.

Clamor Level: The vast majority of our models run somewhere in the range of 40 and 69 dBA.

Power utilization: The vast majority of our models run somewhere in the range of 275 and 639W.

Height: Affirm that your oxygen concentrator will work appropriately where you reside.

Home Oxygen Concentrators – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Home Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Home oxygen concentrators, dissimilar to an oxygen tank, don’t need a stock of oxygen. All things considered, they channel supplemental oxygen from the surrounding air. Then the oxygen is conveyed to the patient through a nasal cannula or cover.

Who Needs Home Oxygen Concentrators?

For different short and long haul diseases, including asthma and COPD, home oxygen concentrators might be recommended by doctors. At the point when the oxygen content in the blood is excessively low, oxygen treatment is frequently endorsed.

Are There Any Portable Home Oxygen Concentrators?

There are no convenient home oxygen concentrators except for practically any compact oxygen concentrator can be utilized as a home oxygen concentrator in the event that the patient doesn’t need high oxygen conveyance limits. Most compact oxygen concentrators have a greatest oxygen conveyance measure of 5L. Also, compact oxygen concentrators can chip away at batteries and power giving more opportunity contrasted with an oxygen concentrator for home use. In the event that you are searching for a compact oxygen concentrator that can likewise function as a home oxygen concentrator.

How Much Oxygen Do I Need?

Your doctor will recommend the ideal pace of oxygen stream to best treat your respiratory circumstances – frequently up to 10 LPM (liters each moment).

What Size Home Oxygen Concentrator Should I Get?

Assuming you have guaranteed that the concentrator will match your solution needs and home space is restricted, think about a more reduced HOC. Such plans are more modest, gauging just 18 lbs. Once in a while makers add casters for easy portability, so that individuals can move the HOC without help from anyone else rapidly.

Can I Connect My Home Oxygen Concentrator To A CPAP or BiLevel PAP Machine?

Indeed, you can interface your Oxygen Concentrator to your CPAP or BiLevel PAP machine assuming you want rest apnea treatment and oxygen treatment all the while.

Track down more data on interfacing your CPAP or BiLevel PAP to your oxygen concentrator.

At The Oxygen Concentrators, we are glad to convey the most progressive, energy-productive and calmest oxygen concentrators at the least costs. In the event that you are uncertain which item best addresses your issues, our group can respond to questions and assist with strolling you through your choices. Call us at

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