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Inogen One G4 Replacement Columns


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Inogen One G4 Replacement Columns

Inogen One G4 Column Set are replacement sieve beds for the Inogen G4 mobile concentrator. The G4 Replacement Columns contain sieve beds that convert air with low oxygen levels into medical grade oxygen. It is recommended that the Inogen One G4 Replacement Columns be replaced every 12 to 18 months to maximize the life of the unit.
Two columns are included with each order. Simple to follow instructions enable you to easily switch out the column pair without tools and without having to send the unit into a repair center.
NOTE: The RP-406 replacement columns are ONLY compatible with the G4.
A low oxygen purity alert on the LDC screen will display “O2 Service Soon” when the columns need to be changed. To remove the columns, simply press the latch release button located on the bottom of the unit then slide the columns (metal tubes) out of the unit. No special tools are required!


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